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Bring Ancient Civilizations to life with an exciting, interactive, educational incursion programme for year 7/8 SOSE/Ancient  History with special lectures for Older Students (coming soon) + School Holiday Programmes
and Now ON-LINE availability of my models and COMING SOON down loadable Presentations of my lectures and later an ON-LINE Archaeological Exhibition programme to run in your classroom!
However there is nothing better than students seeing original archaeological material or museum-quality replicas of the same to develop concrete understanding. So why not book an ARCHAEO-PRO incursion for your students today?



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Please be aware the I may be unavailable and the phone switched off when operating a school incursion. Please leave a message on the landline answering machine

Garry R. Stone

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CLICK HERE TO VIEW Newspaper clippings of programmes  in various schools

Vehicle, GRS & Exhibition Trailer


Inspire your students with a sense of wonder and mystery for the archaeology and history of Ancient Civilizations.
This lively, thought-provoking Exhibition and Power Point presentations
make learning about ancient civilizations fun. New displays are usually added every year (53 planned).
ARCHAEO-PRO conducts educational incursions to schools in Victoria, primarily for year 7/8 students, although other year levels can be accomodated.

Case 44 - Tutankhamun


Incursions are usually limited to the Metropolitan area and environs of Melbourne  (including Geelong and Ballarat) but please phone me as I may be able to arrange a combined incursion with other schools in your area.

Programme: One and a half hours: approx. 35-40 minutes Power-point presentation, 40 minutes active inspection of the exhibition using a Question Sheet compiled by you from the  Master Question Sheet  e-mailed to you upon confirmation of booking (or download it  below); 10 minutes verbal question time rounds off the session if you wish.

Case 67 - Relief Map of Ancient World


Each Power-point presentation includes animations, video clips, & sounds*. The Travelling Exhibition consists  of well-laid-out interesting showcases of replicas & some original archaeological material, integrated with  written questions or crossword for students, as well as discussion material for later use by teachers in class.

Case 38 - Stone Age Tools & Art


CLICK HERE TO VIEW Newspaper clippings of programmes  in various schools

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Case 3 - Development of the Lamp


Lecture Topics Available: General Egypt, Mesopotamia (Sumer & Akkad), The Mummy, Digging up the Past, Tutankhamun’s Tomb, The Romans, Origins & Development of Writing, The Greeks, Ancient Technology, Beginnings of Civilization, Weird Archaeology, Minoans, Mycenaeans, Ancient Warfare & more!......
Charges: $7/student (schools paying on the day receive the discounted price of $6/student).
Minimum Charges: $350 for ONE lecture and exhibition on the day: $400 for TWO lectures on the day; $500 for 3 lectures on the day.

Case 20 - Death & Burial in Egypt


CLICK HERE for an INFORMATION KIT which includes a List  OF ALL LECTURE TOPICS AVAILABLE with Description of contents, DETAILS OF MY REQUIREMENTS etc. or E-MAIL ME at Email_box_infoAP or phone me on 03 9754 7376 or 0410 508 651. To download the Master Question Sheet used for the Travelling Exhibition at your school CLICK HERE

Case 7 - Cuneiform Tablets from Sumer & Akkad


Almost all presentations now include a 3D option. Students make up their 3D coloured glasses before the incursion. Be sure to download the  3D Glasses Template in Hand-held or Winged forms and Printing and Assembly Instructions. There is no extra charge for the 3D option.
glasses tiny

To purchase commercial 3D red/blue-green ANAGLYPH cardboard glasses in bulk or for commercial plastic 3D ANAGLYPH glasses try this link

To purchase commercial card 3D glasses in bulk click here
To buy plastic commercial plastic 3D glasses try this link
To make your own 3D glasses click here to download your own
Hand-held or Winged & instructions

Case 43 - Egyptian Ushabtis


Teachers frequently comment that previously disinterested students

have suddenly come alive to ancient history as a result of this programme.

PHONE (03) 9754 7376 or 0410 508 651
Please do not e-mail me to book programmes as the booking diary may change from hour to hour and your booking slot taken before you read my reply

*I take full responsibility for the. . . err. . . low intellectual level of the mummy and other jokes in all my presentations!

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CLICK here to see the steps to book an INCURSION to YOUR school

* For those unfamiliar with Aussie parlance, this means: “Cut to the chase”, “Get on with it”  etc.

Case 67 Map Th

Case 4 Seals & Sealing thumb

Case 6 Coinage of the Ancient World thumb

Case 7 Cuneiform tablets Th

Case 10 Ancient_SumerTh

Case 11 Ur Royal Graves thumb

Case 13 Gilgamesh and Flood Th

Case 14 Egyptian Pharaohs thumb

Case 16 Rosetta Stone thumb

Case 20 Death & Burial in Egypt thumb

Case 22 Warfare Th

Case 32 Greek Sculpture Th

Case 33 Times of Jesus thumb

Case 38 Early man thumb

Case 43 Ushabtis Th

Case 44 Tutankhamun Th

Case 47 The Trojan Horse thumb

Case 48 Roman Fort thumb

Case 49 Parthenon Th

Case 50 Sphinx Th

Case 61 Egyptian temple Th

Case 64 Amphitheatre Th

Case 3 Palestinian lamps_Th

Case 30 Mycenaeans Th

Case_40 Valley of the Kings model

Case_29_The Minoans_Th





What Victorian teachers have said about the Programme . . . .


“A fascinating exhibition. Year 7 students were very interested and engaged looking at all the showcases and talking to Garry. The mummy exhibit was a favourite. Garry Stone runs a very organised and professional incursion, supplying slides, question (and answer) sheets for students to complete.
His incursion definitely added to our study of Ancient Egypt.”

Sue Caleo Cheltenham Secondary College, May 2015


“The students found the presentation and the travelling museum very engaging and it helped them greatly with a deeper understanding of the Ancient World. Garry has put a lot of time, energy and passion into creating a worthwhile incursion for our students.”

Andrew Lawrence, Yarra Valley Grammar, November 2015


“Parkdale Secondary College has engaged Garry for the past few years in our junior history programme presenting on Ancient Cultures. His presentations have been engaging and interesting to our students. He has catered for all levels, demonstrating knowledge of regions studied as a speaker and producing interesting hands- on exhibits with accompanying worksheets. We have found his programme to be educational and a worthwhile incursion as part of our studies and have continued to use his expertise and knowledge within our junior history curriculum”

Christine Braybrooke , Parkdale Secondary College, Feb 2016

Lalor SC theatre thumb


Garry presented the history Expo with energy and enthusiasm, this passed along to our students who were engaged in the exhibition and interested in the information during the lecture. They learnt about some interesting details about the Beginnings of Civilisations and were curious about the artefacts in the exhibition.

Leisha Jungawallah, Glen Waverley Secondary College, October 2015


“Garry has an  entertaining yet informative approach to his archaeology presentation,  made all the more relevant by the recounting of his experiences on  actual archaeological digs. His impressive collection of ancient  artefacts (replica and genuine) fascinates the students, and Garry has a story for just about every item.”

John Arbuckle: St. Leonard’s College. August 2013


Free with IncursionsTeachers booking ARCHAEO-PRO incursions are given a FREE CD ROM  of all the Models, Clip art, Virtual Museum, Colour photos, Work Sheets, and Games listed below. with lists of web URLs for other models, including the  How to Write Cuneiform booklet which. I add to this disc every few months. Descriptions of some of these resource materials on the CD ROM are given below.


ARCHAEO-PRO publications

Zigurrat of Ur model


These are fold-up cardboard educational Models designed for classroom use. Each model includes historical information & assembly instructions: ‘Cleopatra’s Needle’, the Pyramids of Giza, the Ziggurat of Ur, a Roman Villa, and a two story Sumerian House, a Mesolithic village, a cluster of houses from the Neolithic town of Catal Huyuk, a lovely little model of the gilded throne of Tutankhamun (colour only) and the Outer Golden Shrine of Tutankhamun. Most printable in B&W for student painting or in colour for final print. Tutankamun’s Throne and Tutankhamun’s Golden Shrine produce spectacular models if printed on Chrome metal-coated light card available from your newsagent (in Australia). To do this you should possess a straight-through pass printer and coat the card first to receive the water-based ink used by desktop  ink-jet printers. Click here for instructions as how to do this . FREE on the CD ROM for non-commercial use for teachers booking incursions or use the links to purchase.

Hunefer#2 tn1


Our Activity Sheets Hunefer #1 & Hunefer #2 are line drawn facsimiles of Egyptian papyri to colour in, hieroglyphs to trace and simple questions to answer. These are pitched at early high school level. Colour coded for colouring/painting, they include hieroglyphs to trace, historical information, names of all the gods and translations of all hieroglyphs. These are really self-contained lessons ideal for class activity,  FREE for non-commercial use by teachers and students.

Line drawn Parthenon


Here are dozens of line-drawn Clip art Images FREE for non-commercial use for teachers booking incursions. These line drawings of artefacts, places, gods, & maps of ancient  Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Persia, Israel, Greece, the Romans, and Early Man are useful for producing teaching materials and student projects. FREE for non-commercial use for teachers booking incursions on the CD ROM. Some samples here.

Temple of Hephaistos - Athens


Many   Colour Photos of sites, artefacts, and excavations of cities of the ancient world are available here for the teacher & student. FREE for non-commercial use for teachers booking programmes. Some are available FREE via this link.
hundreds of slide images are available for sale at very reasonable rates. These will be databased progressively (there are at least 5000 of them!) and will be available at low prices.

3D KA statue - Tut's tomb


The Virtual Museum consists of videos of rotating artefacts as well as 3D anaglyphs (eg. image at left) of many excavated antiquities. It is primarily intended as a supplement to viewing the real antiquities or at least replicas of the same. We hope this will be useful for teachers and students in remote areas. For non-commercial use only.

Cuneiform Booklet


The ‘How to Write Cuneiform’ booklet shows students (fully illustrated in photographs) how to make a cuneiform tablet, write some Sumerian, Babylonian, & Assyrian words and allows students to use alphabetic Ugaritic cuneiform to write English or Ugaritic words and phrases. Includes a history of the decipherment of cuneiform, and instructions to make a  CYLINDER SEAL for students to seal their own tablet. THIS BOOKLET IS ON THE COMPLIMENTARY CD ROM  Also  available for sale by download.  Price: c. AU $3

Dead Sea Scroll


ARCHAEO-PRO’s Newsletter provides latest items of archaeological news, new lecture topics, model kits, archaeological titbits,  and reviews of television  documentaries. SUBSCRIBE by clicking here:   Email_box_subscribeAPIt is NOT my intention to ‘spam’ you or your school/college. If you do NOT wish to receive the Newsletter please simply send me an e -mail here: Email_box_unsubscribeAP.

Matching squares game


Not sure what to do with that history class on a Friday afternoon? These include   Over-Head Projector Games such as Matching Squares (students attempt to locate common themes in pairs of squares -  Romans page illustrated at left), Snakes and Ladders (a group-based OHP game coming soon),  and Wargames (simulation games of ancient battles) for advanced learners allow students to print off maps and counters for map simulations of the  Battle of Rapha and the Battle of Pharsalus . FREE on the CD ROM for non-commercial use for teachers booking incursions. See also Quizzes and Crosswords below.

Tutankhamun Quiz 1 on CD Rom


Quizzes for class or individual student review are planned for each presentation topic. These are mostly PowerPoint-based for data projection. These are on the complimentary CD given to teachers who book incursions.

Currently available:
Tutankhamun’s tomb

Crossword 1Th


Download free crosswords and print them off for use in your class! Crosswords for various ancient civilizations here.


Teachers click here for the MASTER QUESTION SHEET (PDF and WORD), and PICTORIAL EXHIBITION CROSSWORD QUESTION Sheet (PDF ONLY) or if you are pressed for time just download the SAMPLE QUESTION SHEET (PDF  and WORD)
Teachers click here for the TEACHERS’ CHEAT SHEET (PDF and WORD) answers to all the questions of the MASTER QUESTION SHEET.

For WORD versions of the Master Question Sheet and Teacher Cheat Sheet suitable for students’ iPads See above.

Sick Ramesses Th2


Full-size replica mummy of Ramesses III complete with glowing eyes, growling voice and Mummy electronics twitching arm to electrify your students - part of the Exhibition to every school.
Click on the mummy’s head to view a series of photos showing the making of the mummy.

Click on the photo at right to view the mummy
electronics. Unfortunately the mummy is unwell and requires  extensive surgery. So until the operation can be performed he is “in hospital.” and unable to visit schools.  Poor old Ramesses!

Distance Education Lectures


For schools  outside my normal zone of operation near Melbourne, some of my lectures will soon be available in down-loadable form for a small charge. Click the icon at left for details. My aim is that the lectures available will then be expanded and include a Virtual Archaeological Exhibition with capability for students to view artefactual material and associated questions for students to answer, with  remote teachers able to view the student responses. . . . Other down-loadable resources planned include step-by-step presentations showing how to build some of my models available as free downloads

Further Resources and other sites



HATS Productions is an educational enterprise teaching children about inspirational people who have made a positive contribution to Australian history and  whose attributes make them worthy role models for today’s students. The presentations are suitable for middle primary to junior secondary students: they  are a blend of storytelling, role play, and students acting the story as it is narrated. HATS Productions has been developed by John Arbuckle who is a  Secondary History and Religious Education teacher with 20 years’ experience. To contact John phone: 0402 003 664


Looking for more incursions/excursions for your students? Click here


Free models of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World for FREE!:  from Delta Seven Studios: the Great Pyramid, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Colossus of Rhodes, the Pharos Lighthouse, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and the Great Statue of Zeus. Each model is rotated for alternate free download from the site over  twelve months.


This wonderful site has hundreds of FREE! cut-out armies from the ancient world to the present day including the Sumerian soldiers to the right.

What better way to engage and inspire those otherwise difficult boys in your history class?


Sumerian armies


Are you a first year out teacher? Book an Incursion and I will gladly supply you with some no-obligation, free archaeological replicas and a resources CD to help you on your way in your new profession!


Some photographs for those of you who remember Ancient Times House . . .
 The Ancient Times House theme song?. . . “I believe in yesterday. . . .”or should we say “Down among the dead men”

2015 VIT





Ancient Times House and its exhibition  was closed in 1999.

ARCHAEO-PRO is the successor to
Ancient Times House

Garry R Stone, B.App.Sci (Physics)., Dip.Ed., M.A.
VIT # 203173

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