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Bring Ancient Civilizations to life with an exciting, interactive, educational incursion programme for year 7/8 SOSE/Ancient  History with special lectures for Older Students (coming soon) + School Holiday Programmes
and Now ON-LINE availability of my models and COMING SOON down loadable Presentations of my lectures and later an ON-LINE Archaeological Exhibition programme to run in your classroom!
However there is nothing better than students seeing original archaeological material or museum-quality replicas of the same to develop concrete understanding. So why not book an ARCHAEO-PRO incursion for your students today?



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BA of Ani

returns to tomb

Map of Egypt

Tut tomb entrance

c. 1300 BC

Giza pyramids

Luxor temple

Boats of Meket-Re

Mummy of


Khafre pyramid

c. 2600 BC


Ramesses IIc. 1300 BC

Rosetta Stone

c. 300 BC


Tut’s canopic shrine

Death mask of Tut

3rd (gold) coffin

Tut’s state throne

Valley of Kings

Aswan quarry

Unfinished obelisk - Aswan

Nome standards

Entrance to Tut’s tomb

Fallen statue of Ramesses II

Khufu pyramid

Gods in tomb of Ramesses VI


Pyramids at Dashur

Horned altar - Knossos

Pnyx from hill of Ares

Theatre at Epidaurus

Gate of Athena Archegetis - Athens

Hadrians arch - Athens

Ionic capitals

Odeon of Atticus

St Pual’s speech - Acts 17

 Mycenaean swords

Hypostyle hall - Luxor

Luxor temple of Ramesses II

Great Sphinx

Step pyramid of Zoser

Tut’s canopic shrine



Burnt linear B tablet

Hoplite helmet

Phaistos disk

Stoa of Attalos

Lion gate - Mycenae

Temple of Athena Nike - Athens

Straits of Salamis

Panathenaic way - Athens

Bar - Pompeii

Drinking fountain - Herculaneum

 Bust of Emeror Nero


Apollo temple


Athenian  acropolis & agora


Acropolis model - Athens

Athenian acropolis

Stoa of attalos from Ares hill


Lion gate - Mycenae

Palace entrance - Mycenae

Ascent to acropolis - Mycenae

Grave circle A - Mycenae

Hill of Ares - Athens

Odeon of Agrippa - Athenian agora

Zeus or Hermes

Old steps to Hill of Ares

Altar on Panathenaic way

Theatre of Dionysius - Athens

Propylaea of acropolis


Appian way

near Rome

Grinder in bakery of Modestus


Bath house - Pompeii

Bull Fountain at Pompeii

Colosseum floor level

inner wall

Colosseum - outer wall

House of Cassius - Pompeii

Plaster body cast - Pompeii

Gold sword & scabbard of Akalum -dug

Bull head from lyre - Ur graves

Gold helmet prince Meskalemdug

Gudea of Lagash

Ziggurat of Ur - model

Priest of Lagash

Ruins of Ur

Zigurrat of Ur

Hammurabi stela

Cuneiform tablet - Alalakh

Laws of King Biliama of Eshnunna

K3375 Flood tablet - Epic of Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh fighting dragons

Ishtar gate - Babylon

Marsh Arab house

Map of Sumer & Akkad

Sumerian flood story - Nippur

Cuneiform tablet & envelope

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