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Bring Ancient Civilizations to life with an exciting, interactive, educational incursion programme for year 7/8 SOSE/Ancient  History with special lectures for Older Students (coming soon) + School Holiday Programmes
and Now ON-LINE availability of my models and COMING SOON down loadable Presentations of my lectures and later an ON-LINE Archaeological Exhibition programme to run in your classroom!
However there is nothing better than students seeing original archaeological material or museum-quality replicas of the same to develop concrete understanding. So why not book an ARCHAEO-PRO incursion for your students today?



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Bust of Akhenaton

Statue of Akhenaton

Nefertiti & Akhenaton worship the solar disk

Bust of Pharaoh Amenhotep III

Death mask of Tutankhamun

Funerary barge of Tut

Tut figure from walking canes

Iron dagger of Tutankhamun

Head of Pharaoh Akhenaten

Temple of Kom

Egyptian funeral

Statue of Pharaoh Khafre

Coffin of Egyptian priestess

Mummy and BA

Osiris, Isis, & Nephthys

Pharaoh attacks city of Askelon

Pharaoh attacks city of city of Gezer

Plastered head of Tut

Scarabs1 tn

Captives on Tut’s footstool

Bust of unknown P
tolemaic pharaoh

Quartzite head of Tutankhamun

Head of Nefertiti

Tiny wooden head of Queen Tiy


Egyptian scribe figurine

Sealed door of burial chamber - Tut’s tomb

Semites petitioning Pharaoh Horemheb

Syrian petitioners

Tut tomb painting

Tomb painting - Tut’s tomb

Tut hunting hippos

Tut’s unwrapped head


Various Egyptiab deities

Gold death mask - Mycenae

Hellenistic silver coins

Parthenon - Athens

Ahura Mazda - Persian god

Arad ostracon

Figurine of goddess Asherah

Amorite soldier

Ashurbanipal II - Assyria

Ashurnasirpal II - Assyria

Dromedaries paid as tribute

Israelite Iron age lamp

Map of ancient Israel

silver second revolt coins

Jedaean tribute to Shalmabeser III

Hasmonaean lamp

Lamps - Israel

LMLK jar handle

Seal of Shema “servant of Jeroboam” II

Grinding grain

Woman lying on bed - note pillow

Divination livers - Hazor

Cylinder seals

Babylonian cuneiform tablet

Pubi game board

Pu-abi headdress reconstruction

Fluted gold bowl - Pu-abi’s grave - Ur

Gold chalice - Pu-abi grave

Gold Infant feeding cup - Pu-abi grave

Gold fluted tumbler - Pu-abi grave

Electrum onager, silver reign ring -
Puabi’s grave - Ur

Ziggurat of Ur

Ziggurat of Ur

Denarius celebrating birth of Augustus

Faience head of Emperor Augustus

Statue of Emperor Augustus


Roman lamp

Map of ancient Israel

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