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Bring Ancient Civilizations to life with an exciting, interactive, educational incursion programme for year 7/8 SOSE/Ancient  History with special lectures for Older Students (coming soon) + School Holiday Programmes
and Now ON-LINE availability of my models and COMING SOON down loadable Presentations of my lectures and later an ON-LINE Archaeological Exhibition programme to run in your classroom!
However there is nothing better than students seeing original archaeological material or museum-quality replicas of the same to develop concrete understanding. So why not book an ARCHAEO-PRO incursion for your students today?



Phone: (03)9754 7376

This website is safe for children and is recommended by

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ABN: 2029044 0594

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Mobile: 0410 508 651

Please be aware the I may be unavailable and the phone switched off when operating a school incursion. Please leave a message on the landline answering machine

Garry R. Stone

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B.App.Sc., Dip.Ed., M.A.



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Donations and Support

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Running this programme with increasing costs and no government support of any kind is difficult.
Even colleges and universities running teacher training courses charge prohibitive fees even to list me as a resource for future teachers.


If you believe that what I am doing is of value to education and  wish to support me or even donate antiquities or replicas to my exhibition please contact me here  Email_box_garrystoneAP
and I will be most grateful.

If you wish to donate you may use the PayPal button above. All donations will be acknowledged by receipt.

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