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Bring Ancient Civilizations to life with an exciting, interactive, educational incursion programme for year 7/8 SOSE/Ancient  History with special lectures for Older Students (coming soon) + School Holiday Programmes
and Now ON-LINE availability of my models and COMING SOON down loadable Presentations of my lectures and later an ON-LINE Archaeological Exhibition programme to run in your classroom!
However there is nothing better than students seeing original archaeological material or museum-quality replicas of the same to develop concrete understanding. So why not book an ARCHAEO-PRO incursion for your students today?



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Please be aware the I may be unavailable and the phone switched off when operating a school incursion. Please leave a message on the landline answering machine

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The 3-D images below may be viewed with a pair of red-blue 3-D analglyph glasses


Download your 3D
glasses here 3D Glasses Hand-held or Winged and Instructions.

Amenhotep III

Assyrian Dictionary

c. 800 BC

Donkey carrying jars

c. 3000 BC

Eshnunna law code

c. 1500 BC

Falcon god Horus

Ushabti of Iwi

Statue of Jabin (?) king of Hazor

Egyptian scribe

George Smith Flood tablet

Amenhotep III



Ushabti of Kahemwaset

Assyrian lion weight

Men-ka-u-re triad

Mrs Ples

Nabonidus cylinder

Queen Nefertiti

Goddess Neith

Egyptian bronze cat

Cyrus cylinder


KA statue of King Tut

Pharaoh Amenhotep II

Egyptian ushabti

Persian arrowheads

Roman lamp

Statue of Amun-re

Ptolemaic pharaoh

Heart scarab

Lion goddess Sekhmet

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Egyptian cat

Egyptian cat

Emperor Claudius

Donkey carrying jars

Enuma Elish creation epic

Anubis from Tut’s tomb

Sumerian foundation tablet

Roman god Hermes

Lit Roman lamp

Cleopatra sphinx

Greek god Zeus

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